Services Available

  • Edge Preparation
  • Inspection Openings
  • Abrasive Heating
  • Independent Certification
  • Heat treatment, stress relieving...
  • Ultrasonic checking of plate material
  • Pressed manway opening can be...
  • Hot pressed code dished ends
  • Non Destructive Testing...
  • Hot Spun Code Dished Ends

Australia Pressure Vessel Heads Pty Ltd is Australia's leading manufacturer of Heads and Dished Ends for use in the fabrication of Pressure...

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Manufacture Heads & Dished Ends up to 10 meters in diameter, with material thickness ranging from 3mm to 200mm, with the capability to manufacture larger segmented configurations.

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Australia Pressure Vessel Heads is recognised for supplying the most comprehensive range of Heads and Dished Ends including hot spun, hot pressed, segmented...

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